Riverton Veterinary Clinic was established in 1986 here in Riverton, Utah by Dr. Todd Besendorfer. Our original location was located just west of Redwood Road in a small strip mall, (where the grocery store- Peterson’s- now resides). Dr. Besendorfer continued his practice for an additional three years until moving to a new location in 1989. The second location for our clinic was at a remolded historical building located just down the street on the south side of Redwood Road and 12600 South- now where Walgreen’s resides). Our second and final relocation occurred in 2001 to our current location on 2789 West and 12600 South. Our facility is has grown in size and still continues to grow, as we continue to accept new patients daily.
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Riverton Veterinary Clinic offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas: * Pet wellness and vaccination programs to prevent illnesses * Animal medical services for diagnosing and treating health conditions * Pet surgery including spay and neuter * Pet dental cleanings and treatment to avoid serious dental diseases * And many more