Do you wake up every morning just totally excited to see what your work day is going to bring you? Do you have a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you're making good things happen for people every single day? What would it be like to be around colleagues who are passionate about what they do and create a dynamic, supportive work environment centered around everyone's success? If you want to experience all of this, then you're going to want to consider a career with Digi-Me. Digi-Me is a revolutionary company that transforms text job descriptions into technology-enhanced recruitment videos.
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One of the largest challenges businesses face today is the ability to find qualified candidates to fill their most important positions. Our passion is to alleviate this common challenge for companies around the world by becoming the bridge that unites recruiting employers and qualified candidates. Digi-Me recognizes the fact that today’s workforce shares 12X more videos than text content, and that 3 out of 5 job seekers prefer to use their mobile device to find the perfect career for them. As such, we proudly use professionally filmed recruitment videos that can be shared via social media.
Testimonial from Katie Roth - Video for Digi-Me hosted by Digi-Me
Testimonial from Katie Roth