Each clinic in the Blue River network has complete medical autonomy, including the choice of local protocols, therapies, drug choices, vendors and even management software. Our veterinary teams work together to establish standards of veterinary medicine that focus on meeting the needs of their clients and the communities they serve. If you are a new grad who wants to develop your talent through a mentoring relationship with an experienced DVM, a seasoned professional looking for a leading role or someone looking to be a part of something bigger, please take the time to contact us for information about all of our exciting career opportunities.
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Blue River PetCare’s mission is to provide a long-term home for local practices that selling owners have worked so hard to build. We are dedicated to retaining the local culture of each of our hospitals in addition to the local practice of medicine. We strive to provide our employees the tools necessary to provide outstanding patient care and client service, while fulfilling their career aspirations and personal financial goals. Our team members are inspired, engaged, and energetic. As we continue to grow, we take pride in adding staff who share a commitment to providing innovative, compassionate veterinary care.