Solano County’s future is promising indeed. But ensuring that all of its residents share in that promise will require the concerted efforts of citizens, businesses, community groups and governments at all levels. And County government, in particular, has a critical role to play. As the only countywide general purpose local government, the County is in a unique position to facilitate and coordinate the work of the cities, school districts, special districts and other agencies. The County is specifically charged by the State with providing services to those most at risk. The County provides a variety of services aimed at improving the lives of children, women, men and the elderly. Through countywide planning and coordination, the County’s role in health care includes providing clinical services and health care assistance to the poor and disabled, providing alcohol, drug and mental health services and protecting the community from public health threats such as communicable diseases.
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Solano County is a special place, with its inviting mix of rural and suburban lifestyles and easy access to all of the urban amenities associated with two of the nation’s most dynamic metropolitan regions. Situated midway between San Francisco and Sacramento—the State capitol, Solano County is home to rolling hillsides, waterfronts and fertile farmland. County residents can enjoy day trips to the San Francisco Bay area, Lake Tahoe region and the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Thanks to a mild climate, plenty of open space, proximity to lakes, rivers and mountains, residents can enjoy year round outdoor recreational activities like fishing, boating, skiing, hiking and biking. Solano County is a growing community that reaps the benefits of its ideal location for those who live and work here. The blend of agriculture, corporate business and pleasant lifestyle enhance the attraction of Solano County. The County limits residential and commercial development outside of cities, thus preserving approximately 80 percent of the land for open space or agricultural uses. Blessed with a thriving agricultural economy, the county is also home to biotechnology and other growth industries.