We strive to make our facility comfortable for both you and your pet. While we have some of the latest technology and equipment, we have done our best to create an environment that minimizes the stress that our patients feel, as many are already undergoing a lot by the time they are brought to our hospital. This helps return them to your home sooner, and ultimately in a healthier and happier state.
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Full Time, Part Time, or Relief ER Veterinarian
Animal Urgent Care
Arvada, Colorado
Animal Urgent Care is a small animal, non-corporate, AAHA certified ER hospital in our 12th year. O...

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The mission of Animal Urgent Care is to provide excellent, affordable and accessible emergency care services for the pets of our local community. Emergency care is difficult due to the hours, expense, and stressful environment. We strive to keep compassion, cost-consciousness, and excellent service at the forefront of each and every case we see. We are proud of our staff and hospital. We put forth every effort to provide you and your pet comfortable and clean surroundings. We have the most up-to-date equipment in a brand new facility. We have decades of emergency and critical care experience among our staff and regularly exceed continuing education standards. We are proud to have achieved American Animal Hospital Association certification in 2012.